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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does the design process take?

A project’s timeline depends on how customized the design is. Frequent and prompt correspondence between the customer and our designers, including setting clear expectations, can greatly expedite the process. Generally, a project could take anywhere from two to six weeks.

Does South Fork Design provide non-engineered plans?

We do not provide non-engineered plans. As an engineering and design firm, the engineering aspect is an integral piece of our high-quality products.

Are your stock plans engineered?

Our stock plans do not come engineered since we do not have the license to engineer nationwide. If you live in Utah, Wyoming or Idaho, we can provide engineering at a discounted price for our stock plans. Customers should communicate directly with us in order for that to happen.

Does South Fork Design do construction?

No, we do not build homes or manage construction prices. However, we can refer customers to plenty of local and trustworthy builders that can turn your home’s design into a reality.

Can I reuse your plans?

If you would like to reuse a plan or custom home design that you have already purchased, give us a call at (208) 852-6236. While the plan is not free to reuse, it will be significantly discounted.

Is it cheaper to draw a custom home or buy a stock plan, then make changes?

It’s significantly cheaper to buy a stock plan, then make adjustments, and the turnaround time is much faster. Because we already have these homes in our software, the designers don’t have to redraw the plans before making adjustments.