CAD Design Specialist

I bring your dreams/visions to reality.  I work on both the drafting and engineering side of plans that we create.  I meet with clientele, discuss what they are hoping to obtain, and communicate thoroughly with them, ensuring they are 100% satisfied with their products!  I then have the privilege to assist in the Engineering, ensuring their building withstands any natural disasters.

The atmosphere is everything at South Fork Design.  The staff is friendly, kind, hardworking, problem solvers, and care about their clients.  That expressed my highest amount of interest when I saw what South Fork has to offer.  I knew I wanted to understand construction drawings and drafting when I was in school.  Being able to draft, and then engineer what I create brings vision to reality. 

Some of the skills that help me in my current position are my drafting background, working in the construction industry, reading, and staying up to date with Code and Regulations, & my Wood, Steel, Concrete, and Foundations Design courses.  This has allowed me to bring new ideas to our Engineering Team, working together to create ways to engineer buildings much quicker and more efficient as well. 

Some of the people that have inspired me are my professors at my undergrad college.  I failed a core course while in my college.  It was a course that would “define” it you are capable or willing to stay in the Engineering Field.  I was devastated, and mad at myself, but my professor emailed me to come to his office hours and we spoke.  He helped me pass his course, then later, recommended me to be the Teacher’s Assistant for the Civil Engineering Departments Structural Courses.  The professors always pushed me and allowed me to teach them, ensuring I was understanding the concepts.  This has allowed me to be a better E.I.T today and stay up to date with the structural codes as well, along with having a positive attitude.

I love to travel and visit my family in Mexico.  My dream travel location is to revisit the Dominican Republic one day with my wife.

My wife and I love to rock climb, be outdoors with our dog and enjoy nature when we can.