Engineer, CEO

After working for six years with the government, I wanted to work in an efficient environment where I could see my designs take life and come to fruition. Having grown up around construction, I knew first-hand the challenges, the needs, and the fulfillment available in construction design.

An understanding of construction methods coupled with engineering fundamentals has given me a unique skillset that builders appreciate.

Here at South Fork Design, I do a lot of team leadership, construction consulting, and structural engineering. Additionally, I make aesthetic suggestions to the designers, but they are the pros of the aesthetic aspect. My job is to make sure it doesn’t tip over.

I love traveling with my best friend (my wife). We love clear tropical water. We also love seeing America on a good old-fashioned road trip. Some of my hobbies are water skiing, snow skiing, hiking, hunting, building, mechanics, welding, pickleball, and racquetball.

I have three beautiful daughters, three super cool sons, and one trophy wife. We love getting together.