CAD Design Specialist

I have enjoyed working here at South Fork Design since 2010.  I find fulfillment in helping meet the needs of my clients and helping bring their dreams to fruition.  While working here at South Fork Design we have been able to stay ahead of the competition by following modern design technologies and incorporating site and structural scanning through the use of drones and 3D scanners to ensure accuracy of our product, as well as a better visualization of what they can expect in real life.  I enjoy our 3D workflow, and love to see clients’ reactions when they are able to see a 3D visualization of their dream homes. 

I enjoy working closely throughout the course of projects with our engineer and Boss Man Ray.

Beyond drawing, I enjoy shooting the breeze and talking through projects with my clients.  South Fork Design has built and supports a strong, competent, and cohesive team.   

No matter who helps you with your project, I can say without a doubt that you will be happy with choosing South Fork Design to help you with your project.